The Pavilion

I am interested in everyday or quotidian, but not boring futures (utopia and dystopias are flat and outside of my purview). I’m interested in the ways art can envision various just and fairer futures: ecologically, socially, economically, with the understanding that moving towards one just future, i.e. ecologically, could move towards being unjust in other ways, i.e. economically.

–Flounder Lee, Curator for the Mundane Futures Pavilion


Radio Telescope in desert landscape

The Wrong Biennale

celebrating digital culture since 2o13, the wrong is a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel, open to participation, happening both online & offline, awarded with sois cultura 2o19 and ehrenerwähnung at s+t+arts 2o2o